Hello (Words & Photos)



I’m Josh, a barista who is moving from DC to New Orleans.

I moved to DC from Los Angeles (where I was born and raised), about 8 years ago. Since I moved here, I met my longtime girlfriend Sarah, became the adoptive father of her cat Stormy, got another cat, Tiedye, and obtained a frisky-ass little dog named Luna (They are all coming to New Orleans with me.)

I’ve worked in restaurants and cafes almost the entire time I’ve lived in DC. I’ve served coffee I was embarrassed to hand over a counter, coffee I was immensely proud to serve, and quite a few things in between.

Right now I’m leaving a great job at a great cafe I helped open in 2014. As much as I love this cafe, I’ve felt that I never made the place realize it’s true potential nor it help me realize mine. I hope that as I transition out of this cafe, it allows for fresh blood to invigorate it and for the cafe to deliver on it’s initial service vision. I hope that as I embark on this journey to New Orleans, I can clarify my own vision of service and one day open a cafe of my own.

My oldest sister also lives in DC. She’s 9 months pregnant and about to have a baby, the first grandchild in my immediate family.

This is an extremely transitory time in my life, so I’m starting this site as a journal of sorts. To document my last days in DC, the first days of my first niece’s life, my move to New Orleans, and my attempts to adjust and find income in New Orleans.


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