M.I.A. (Words and Photos)

This morning I woke up at 4:00AM to get ready for work, I took the dog outside and I noticed something was missing…

It was my car. My car was missing.


I called the police, called the insurance company and handed out fliers to all my neighbors.

I expected to feel angry and helpless, but I don’t – I’m a little sad and disappointed. I’m worried for my car and I hope it is being treated well. What ever happens – I’d like to know it’s fate – getting stripped for parts and never seeing it again is the worst nightmare scenario.

I’ve had my car for four years, it’s been really good to me – we’ve been on a lot of adventures together and it’s been extremely dependable. In turn, I treat it really well, I’m diligent with oil changes and service, and I’m more responsible with it than I am really anything else in my life. I just got new brake pads, rotors, ignition coils and spark plugs for it in the past few months, and it fucking sucks that this happened.

On a positive note, everybody I know has been extremely generous in the wake of this. Neighbors have offered to let me borrow cars, my sister rented me a car, my girlfriend’s mother offered to help financially until we have a solution for this problem. And that has been uplifting and encouraging.

Feeling very grounded.

On another positive note, snow and my babely dog.

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